About us

Formed in the heart of Belgium, Tweaken is the electrifying alliance of two childhood friends who have known each other since the age of six. As progressive electro-house producers, they channel the eclectic vibes of their shared musical heritage, which spans hard rock, punk, jazz, and psytrance, into dynamic audio-visual performances that captivate and energize audiences globally.

Tweaken’s unique sound is a rich tapestry of diverse musical styles, skillfully woven into their own compositions. Their performances are not just shows but melodic voyages that resonate deeply with a wide range of listeners, ensuring a connective experience that pulsates through the heart and stirs the soul.

Having shared stages with iconic artists like Ken Ishii and Vitalic (Warm up), and performed in esteemed venues from Rockerill to Kitkat Club, Tweaken continues to redefine boundaries. Their music, recently featured in Warner Bros’ new series “Les Trentenaires,” echoes their philosophy that “There is good in everything” a testament to their enduring friendship and groundbreaking musical journey.

Tweaken, “There is good in everything”